Your options

Park 118 provides you with a comprehensive mix of erotic options. Park 118 has seven cosy rooms, some of which are equipped with: jacuzzi, bubble bath or shower cubicle. In the basement (of course) we provide a luxurious S&M room equipped with S&M furniture, and there is also a sauna for a luxurious VIP arrangement.

Our prices are based on safe sex including great sex and blowjob.

Do you have any other erotic desires? Just tell us, and who knows, we will be able to make your erotic dreams come true!

In other words, Park 118 goes rather further than other gentlemen’s clubs. Reveal your naughty fantasies and you will be amazed by the many options, charming ladies, and luxurious & cosy ambiance.

We look forward to seeing you (and again, and again, and…) at Sarphatipark 118, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Do you have limited contact with women/girls due to pressure of work, career, studies or shyness? And would you like to discover in a relaxed manner what eroticism can do for you? With a lady who has understanding and patience? Then Park 118 has the solution for you!

Our ladies take great pleasure in ensuring that you obtain maximum pleasure, and slowly teach you the intricacies of the language of sex. They take special care of you, so that you feel completely at ease and can teach you step by step how it feels to be able to really show love to a woman.